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Anti aging Oxygenating Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment

Anti aging Oxygenating deep pore cleansing facial. It is recommended to every types of skin. It brightens and lightens. This treatment helps to strengthen and protect your skin from sun damage and it helps to revitalize, renew and restore. Your skin turgor, elasticity and moisture level will increase to protect your skin from harmful outside elements such as the sun, heat, air-conditioning and other pollutants. We will use Mother Nature’s most wonderful fruits, vegetables and herbs such as cucumber, parsley, licorice and bearberry.  This treatment helps the skin to increase its levels of oxygen absorption as well. It will even out your skin color and even lighten brown spots.  Parsley and cucumber will preform wonders to biologically lighten your skin through their active ingredients of vitamins, pectins, bioflavonoids.

Afterwards we apply fresh stone crop pulps from the stone crop cactus plant to sooth, heal, rehydrate, and restore. This treatment also comes with an anti-aging incredible face-lift massage with lymph drainage, steam, extraction, masks and serums!


Further enhance this treatment by adding on  freeze-dried collagen treatment for only $45


Anti Aging O2 Deep Pore Cleansing Facial Treatment + Freeze-dried Collagen Treatment