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Gentleman's Facial

Men need the same type of skin care treatments like women, so we do recommend all the facials we  listed on our list of facials for men as well.  Men will also typically experience the same problems with their skin as women do; stress, wrinkles enlarged and clogged pores, dehydration, sagging, discolorations, brown spots, dryness, keratosis, excessive dead cells build up, ingrown hair, sensitiveness, redness, irritated skin, black heads, white heads, puffy eyes, double chin and jowls. Men will also find more often excess hair on eye brows and ears. So during our Gentleman's Facial, we focus on taking care the existing  concerns. We always recommend  to shave before you come so that you will  have enough time to enjoy the treatment! Also ask about our series of treatments for men. 




Further enhance this treatment by adding on  freeze-dried collagen treatment for only $45




Gentleman's Facial 1hr + Freeze-dried Collagen Treatment


Gentleman's Facial 75min + Freeze-dried Collagen Treatment


Gentleman's Facial 90min + Freeze-dried Collagen Treatment